Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homeowners who don't have Hurricane Insurance Will have a Tremendous Headache

Homeowners don't have Hurricane Insurance and sustained damaged in their homes due to Tropical Storm Iselle which hit Hawaii will have to dig deep in their pockets to shoulder the repairs. Even if they have homeowner’s policy. Since you cannot purchase hurricane insurance once a hurricane watch or warning is announced. Also, homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover storm damage even if the hurricane status was downgraded to a tropical storm once it reached land. So that means, even if the hurricane is reclassified to a tropical storm three days before landfall, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover the damages sustained.

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  1. I can imagine how big of a headache it would be to have to deal with hurricane damage to your home when you don't have hurricane insurance. One of my close friends is actually trying to find a decent policy like that right now. He just moved out to Florida a little while ago, and he and his wife are in the process of buying a new house. They've never been in hurricane territory before, so it'll be interesting to see how they deal with it all.
    Keara |

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  3. Hurricane insurance is a little more complicated than I thought. We're moving from Kansas down to Florida next year so we're trying to plan everything out. We'll definitely need home owner's insurance that covers hurricanes.