Thursday, December 18, 2014

New York bans fracking Due to Health Risks

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Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration made public on Wednesday that New York will be imposing a state-wide ban on hydraulic fracturing, because of numerous potential health risks.

According to New York Environmental Commissioner Joseph Martens he will be issuing an order early 2015 that will ban fracking, which has been under a moratorium since 2008. Currently, only one state bans fracking which is Vermont.

Fracking is a process of pumping water, sand and chemicals into a well to extract oil or gas. Some states say that fracking is a key economic resource while others said it was too dangerous both to environment and health of the people living nearby.

Howard Zucker New York health commissioner said, "The potential risks are too great, in fact not even fully known, and relying on the limited data presently available would be negligent on my part."

New York is located on top of a portion of the Marcellus shale, one of the largest natural gas deposits in the United States.

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