Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Car Owners Don't want Insurance Companies to Track Them Even it they give Discounts

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Car insurance companies like Progressive, Allstate, and State Farm are offering big discounts to car owners on their insurance however, it comes with a catch. They will place sensors in your car so that they can track your every move and driving habits.

The sensors will give insurance companies comprehensive data about how you drive your car, how far motorist drive, how often you hit the brakes, and record every time you exceed the speed limit. These data will give insurance companies information to identify safe drivers who are less likely to file a claim.

Insurance companies wants to create a database of these information about drivers to be able to accurately evaluate risk and customize each insurance policy to fit individual drivers. Unfortunately for them they will need customers to consent to having a tracking device in their cars, and a lot of people don't want it.

Insurance companies are temping car owners with plug-in devices and smartphone applications. They are also working with car manufacturers to be able to use their in-car computers as tracking devices. They also offer big discounts as high as 30%.

If you ask me, this is really creepy, if they can track your every destination they will know everything about you. Where you work, where your kids attend school, where you get your lunch etc.

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