Thursday, February 11, 2016

Farmers Insurance Discontinue Coverage Of A Insurer after Filing Tornado Claims

Farmers Insurance cancelled the coverage of Richard Perry, a Moore, Oklahoma resident after he filled two claims for tornado damage. He got a letter from the insurance company stating that they would be canceling his policy, effective in April.

In an interview he said it doesn't make sense to him, he called his local agent and the agent to him that the company would be more than happy to continue coverage on their vehicles but, due to the location of his home in a high risk area, it would be too high a risk to cover it.

The letter reads: "Unfortunately, we are unable to continue coverage, because the number of losses you have experienced exceed our acceptability limits."

The family filed claims on two occasions following tornadoes. Their first claim was in 2013, when the insurance company paid $1,615 for wind damage. The second came in March of 2015, when Farmers paid $7,746. Perry said most of that claim was paid out on his truck, which was damaged in the storm.

Under state law, an insurance company can't drop a policyholder for filing a single claim. But, companies can take action if a policyholder files two claims or more.

It's hard to trust an insurance company that will drop you like a hot potato when things are hard on you.

Farmers Insurance is Rated Worst!


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