Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How To Stop Media Bias Against Trump

CNN, Donald Trump, media bias, The New York Times

The bias against Republican nominee Donald Trump in the media is obvious like The New York Times, CNN, and NBC which all have thrown support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. They bash Donald Trump Daily while they advocate for Hillary and shower her with praises which are often lies.

Trump has even called the CNN the “Clinton News Network” and he call the attention of Times reporters for the “horrible things” they say about him on Twitter specifically political correspondent Jonathan Martin.

Politico founder and former CEO Jim VandeHei accused reporters for excessive bias against Republican nominee Donald Trump. Even the search engine Google is bias against Trump in search engine results by suppressing bad news on Hillary Clinton while if you search for Donald Trump all the bad news against him are always on top.

So how can the Trump supporters help Donald Trump against Corporate Media Bias and all this corrupt reporters who worship Hillary? Simple strike them where it hurts the most, ADS!!! They can just simply stop visiting those news sites or mess with their Ads. Most of these writers use Google Ads and Google have a policy for "invalid click activity" so if the Trump supporters will click on those Ads multiple times a day and once they click the ads close the ad immediately, their invalid clicks will spike up and they will surely be banned.

The Hillary Clinton media is like a Nazi propaganda media headed by Joseph Goebbels.

If you have other ideas on how to stop these bias media please share them on the comments section, thanks! 

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