Tuesday, November 8, 2016

CNN Trump Surges in Battleground States, Expected to Win it all

CNN, crying news network, Trump Wins the 2016 Election,

CNN, crying news network, Trump Wins the 2016 Election,

CNN have openly endorsed Hillary Clinton and they were so confident before the election that Hillary will win it all, look at them now.

"Washington (CNN) - Donald Trump took a dramatic step toward the White House Tuesday with crucial battleground victories in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

The victories are stunning for a candidate long seen as unlikely to win the presidency. Hillary Clinton's campaign was confident it was competitive in places like Florida and North Carolina and even sought to expand the map with recent visits to traditionally Republican states such as Arizona."

Trump has now an easier path to the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency while Clinton path is nearly impossible.

His win in Ohio is very important since no Republican has won the White House without taking the Buckeye State. North Carolina turning red is a serious blow to Hillary , she even held the final rally of her campaign there in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Clinton managed to win Virginia, Nevada and Colorado but Trump is stronger in Michigan and Wisconsin

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