Friday, December 16, 2016

Obama Press secretary Josh Earnest: Putin had direct role in hacking US election

Josh Earnest, Russia, Putin, Obama, Obozo

Josh Earnest looked like Baghdad Bob when he said that Putin had a direct role in hacking during the presidential election. He also said that Trump knew Russia was engaged in malicious cyber-attacks that boosted him and damaged his rival, Hillary Clinton.

Well, if Hillary and the Democratic party didn't cheated then the leakers don't have anything to leak. Sore loser Democrats just can't accept defeat, Obama and Hillary can't accept defeat, which is why they are undermining Trump presidency.

Earnest said that it was Russia but when asked how did they do it and for evidence he just said “there are a variety of potential explanations” for Trump’s surprise win. It was a question for political analysts, he said, not intelligence analysts. In short, they don't have any evidence. Now Obama wants to retaliate against Russia even without evidence! Obozo wants to risk a nuclear war for this.

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