Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Handel Wins, CNN Sad, Trump and his Supporters are Laughing their Ossoff

Karen Handel, Jon Ossoff, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Tweet

Karen Handel, Jon Ossoff, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Tweet

In the much anticipated run-off election in the Georgia Six in which most Polls are saying that the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff is ahead by slim margin ended in disaster for the Democrats. Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff with a comfortable margin. Handel's win is a major referendum on Trump's presidency.

The special election has seen record-high early-voting turnout and garnered over $51 million in spending, making it the most expensive House race in history. Both Mr Ossoff, a former documentary film-maker, and Ms Handel, who worked as a senior official for the state of Georgia, have campaigned hard to make this a race fought on local issues. Yet millions of Democrats across the country, in need of some sort of victory after Mr Trump’s won last November, have poured in millions of dollars in money and huge support.

Handel won by almost 11,000 votes and by more than four percentage points, and Ossoff failed to reach the 48 percent mark that he topped in the initial round of voting in April.

“We need to finish the drill on health care,” Handel said during her victory speech here Tuesday. Chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” erupted before her.

CNN anchors which covers the special election live were enthusiastic and was very jolly but after the results came in. They it was dread!

President Donald Trump ended the night with a Tweet clearly happy about the results:

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